Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Revolution Ball?
The world’s first 5-tool ball!  Click the link at the top right to view the ball in action!!!!

*Great Breaking Stuff- special air channels make help players throw curves, sliders, screwballs, etc. The ball has been designed to throw all of the pitches with an ordinary wrist flip….the softball size ball works this way also underhand.

*Won’t Crack Under Pressure- Works with every bat…aluminum, wood or plastic.

*Small Size, Big Production- reduced diameter of our racquetball size ball sharpens hand-eye coordination in the gym, outdoors or in the cage. The ball comes in racquetball, baseball and softball sizes.

*Loves to “Go Yard- As in backyard – where fun begins and legends are made.

*Always Bounces Back- Throw it at the pitchback, a brick wall or the gym wall to strengthen your fielding skills.

Do we have to be a league to purchase quickball ?
No. Quickball was designed as a grass roots game that kids can play at any level, with any ability and anywhere. The league development initiative has added in the element of a curriculum and additional equipment.
Are there opportunities to utilize Quickball for a programming?
Yes. Quickball provides a great opportunity for organizations such as YMCA’s, local Parks and Rec Departments, etc. to provide additional programming.
Is Quickball only for young players?
No, Quickball is currently be played on over 100 college campus across the nation. Our various game formats make it a great way to introduce baseball/softball to young players but We’ve also designed the equipment and games to be used with every age of player even beyond college.

Community Involvement

USAQuickball is happy to be partnered with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation in a community effort with the Badges for Baseball Program. 

In hundreds of communities across America, vulnerable youth and law enforcement are joining forces to play and learn—building positive connections in the process.

They’re part of the flagship Badges for Baseball program, created in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice. The life-skills training program pairs at-risk youth with law enforcement mentors from local communities who use team sports to teach valuable life lessons.

Devised to deter juvenile delinquency, Badges targets America’s most vulnerable youth, including those in low-income families and single-parent homes, children of parents on active military duty, and youth with disabilities.

Equally important, Badges helps repair contentious relationships between inner-city youth and law enforcement.


“I’m a resident of Glenside and when April approaches the town turns into a baseball community. My family weekends consist of tee-ball: an American past time for my young kids. Frank and Shannon were advocates of Quickball and introduced the game to our community and youth organization, GYAC. Wow, the excitement for players and parents. Quickball emerged as the dominant game and tee-ball is taking a back seat during the season. Thanks, guys for introducing and I know Quickball will be around for many years.”

Glenside Family Guy,
Scott Varga

Clients & Collaborators

For years, Quickball has been recognized by industry leaders around the country as a superior way to teach baseball in a fun, simple and inclusive way.