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Quickball Is A High-Speed, Low-Pressure Baseball Training Sport

We’ve created a hybrid program for all ages that teaches but doesn’t dictate.

Mixing physically-active game play with individual accomplishment and style, Quickball is revolutionizing baseball programming for young players. Players with little or no diamond experience gain baseball skills in a competitive team setting. They play anywhere, any time — in the gym, on the playground, a vacant field or even on a city street.

But Quickball is not just for beginners. Expert players also benefit, thanks to the fitness and skill-strengthening elements that are involved. The revolutionary game equipment can challenge any player — including those on the high school, college and professional levels.


Hall of Fame shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. is a major supporter of Quickball and his national foundation — the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation — has built CRSF Quickball leagues and programs in more than 1,000 schools, Boys & Girls Clubs and Police Athletic Leagues nationwide. Moreover, the Toronto Blue Jays, the U.S. State Department, and Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign have also embraced the program.

And Quickball is continuing to expand in youth baseball leagues where it increases registration numbers by serving as a first-rate training program for young players. Through the work of these and various other organizations — Parks-and-Recreation, MWR Military Recreation, etc. — thousands of kids are experiencing the joy and excitement of baseball for the very first time.


Baseball participation in many areas has declined in recent years. Reasons vary but the problem is widespread. Quickball is reversing that trend by teaching the game in a whole new way. Fast-paced, active and inclusive, Quickball grabs the attention of young players and lets them learn without being bored or intimidated.

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For years, Quickball has been recognized by industry leaders around the country as a superior way to teach baseball in a fun, simple and inclusive way.