“Desmond loved Quickball this season!! – It was a very interactive game and seemed to be much more attention-grabbing for his age group versus T-ball last year.  He also enjoyed learning the fundamentals of the sport and strenghthened his skills throughout the season. I also noticed that all players seemed to understand their position on the field better with Quickball versus T-ball. Overall, we loved our first experience with Quickball and can’t wait for next season!!!!”  -Lauren (Southwest Athletics Babe Ruth League, Clemmons, NC)

“I will leave you with this…I had a mother tell me that she had a son who never wanted to do anything recreational in his life.  Following, Saturday, he was asking when the next Quickball game was.  For a lot of these kids, I think Saturdays can’t come soon enough!”

-John Burkholder President Glenside Youth Athletic Club (PA)

“This shows that you don’t need a field to play America’s pastime. Just engaging in the sport can be exciting and fun.”

-Nichol Whiteman  Executive Director LA Dodgers Foundation (CA) as quoted in Sports Illustrated for Kids

“Quickball gives everyone a chance to play the game and succeed, regardless of skill level. Among its goals are to show that baseball is fun.”

-Julia LeDoux  Potomac News & Manassas Journal

“The grass is artificial but the laughter and shouts of joy from the children, well, that was real.”

-Jeff Mills  Greensboro News and Record


“Quickball is definitely an inclusive sport for everybody! That’s how we feel in my first/second grade autistic  support classroom! 

Last spring, Quickball believed in my students, classroom, and the idea of Quickball as an inclusive sport for every child, so much that they donated to us a whole set of Quickball supplies! 

Many of my students were introduced to the sport of baseball through Quickball for the very first time! They were all able to learn some of the skills of the game.

We had so much fun, and can’t wait to play again in the spring!!

Katie Young – Special Education Teacher


Our Mission

To increase involvement and opportunity in baseball through innovative grass roots programs that are active, inclusive and, most of all, fun.”