Why Quickball

Quickball Is Revolutionizing Baseball Programming For Young Players

Mixing physically-active game play with individual accomplishment and style. Players with little or no diamond experience gain baseball skills in a competitive team setting. They play anywhere, any time — in the gym, on the playground, a vacant field or even on a city street.

But Quickball is not just for beginners. Expert players also benefit, thanks to the fitness and skill-strengthening elements that are involved. The revolutionary game equipment can challenge any player — including those on the high school, college and professional levels.



  • Player activity is widespread and constant
  • Games move fast and involve up to 50 balls
  • Base running rules are progressive. Each batter runs out a single, double, triple and home run in each game.
  • Fielding goals are simple, direct and age appropriate. Fielders learn the value of getting outs.
  • Players receive tangible rewards for their efforts in all phases of the game, including running, throwing, catching and hitting.
  • Teamwork is emphasized at all times, rewarding teams in the field and at bat.
  • Players score points in one of three ways —with a base hit, by completing a base running assignment or by fielding a ball and throwing it to the proper base
  • Anyone can score, regardless of skill level.
  • Guaranteed action at each base during every game.
  • Rules dictate that players rotate fielding positions. Every player is in the pitcher’s circle and involved in a relay at least once during each game.



  • Player activity is sporadic and limited Games move slow and involve only one ball.
  • Base running rules are non-progressive. Runners advance only one base at a time whether they are safe or out.
  • Fielding goals are often confusing. When runners are on two or more bases, fielders tend to get confused on what to do with the ball once they catch it.
  • Players receive no tangible rewards for their efforts in the field or at bat.
  • Teamwork is emphasized only while on defense.
  • There is no player scoring.
  • Guaranteed action at first base only.
  • No guarantee of player rotation.


  • Recommended for ages 4-6
  • One field official needed for each game
  • Each batter bats in each inning
  • Batters bat off of batting tee or coach pitching